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Effective March 14 2019, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute has archived the Sepsis intervention. Though you may continue to access the Getting Started Kit online, it will no longer be updated.

Sepsis is a potentially fatal condition involving the body's response to a severe infection. It manifests in various ways and may involve fever, low blood pressure, and dysfunction in vital organs such as the brain, heart, kidneys, and lungs.

Sepsis affects 30,000 Canadians each year, and over one-third of these will die if not treated appropriately. As with polytrauma, heart attack, and stroke, the speed and appropriateness of therapy improves patient outcomes.

Click here to access the Sepsis Getting Started Kit. Like other Safer Healthcare Now! interventions, it  provides you with evidence-based resources to assist you in decreasing sepsis rates in your organization as well as in improving clinical outcomes from septic patients.

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