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​​​​​​​​Patient, family, and caregiver refer to a person who is receiving, has received, or has requested healthcare and to the person(s) the patient wants to have involved in care. The caregiver acts on behalf of and in the interest of​​ the patient. Some patients, families, and caregivers share their experiences or represent the patient perspective in patient safety improvements as advisors or patient safety champions.

CPSI firmly believes that patients and families bring a unique and expert perspective to patient safety efforts. That is why we partner with patients and families in everything we do. Since 2005, CPSI has supported the network of patients and families, which formally became Patients for Patient Safety Canada​ (PFPSC) in 2007. The volunteer PFPSC members, most of whom have experienced the harmful consequences of unsafe care, are driven by a mission to represent the patient voice in patient safety improvements at all system levels, and a vision of "every patient safe."

Patients, residents, clients, and their families can be active partners in safe care. You can help ensure a safe patient experience with information, tools, tips, and resources for patients and their families.​

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