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Effective March 14 2019, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute has archived the Sepsis intervention. Though you may continue to access the Getting Started Kit online, it will no longer be updated.

Safer Healthcare Now! measures improvement by focusing on a consistent set of core measures. This represents the minimum measures required to evaluate the success of sepsis improvement efforts. Healthcare facilities may add additional measures that they track internally to evaluate improvement for their specific setting and client population.

This section includes:

  • Definitions
  • Data Screens and Sample Worksheets:
    • 1.0 Percentage of 28 day in-hospital mortality rate from septic illness
    • 2.0 Percentage of patients with septic illness who received IV antibiotics within three hours of time of presentation
    • 3.0 Percentage of patients with septic illness who had blood cultures taken before IV Antibiotics were initiated
    • 4.0 Percentage of Patients with septic illness having had appropriate fluid challenge for hypotension or lactatemia within the appropriate time
    • 5.0 Percentage of patients with appropriate initial lactate measurement
    • 6.0 Percentage of patients with septic illness with appropriate repeat lactate measurement

Section 4: Technical Descriptions and Data Screens

This document was updated in September 2015

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