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The Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) Safety Competencies Framework was launched in September 2008.  Since its launch, the framework has drawn a lot of interest from health educators and organizations responsible for curriculum development, accreditation, certification and regulation.  In addition, several health organizations have used the framework to inform the continuing professional development of practitioners eager to learn more about the competencies required for safe patient care in practice settings.  Below, are examples from organizations that have embedded the Safety Competencies, in whole or in part, within their frameworks, standards, training requirements, etc.

Capital District Health Authority (Halifax) – Patient Safety Plan

The purpose of the Capital District Health Authority (Capital Health /CDHA) Patient Safety Plan supports and links with the CDHA Integrated Quality Framework (IQF) and Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) to form the Performance Excellence Framework for Capital Health. The guiding principles and philosophy of patient safety at Capital Health are organized following the Six Domains of Safety Competencies as outlined by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.

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St. Michael’s Hospital – SafetyNet Toolkit

This is an interprofessional competency-based patient safety learning approach with implementation and evaluation toolkit.  The purpose of this toolkit is to provide a blueprint and repertoire of tools that other organizations can use and adapt in their efforts to enhance effective teamwork, communication and, ultimately, patient safety.

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The Ottawa Hospital - Patient Safety Corporate Education Program

The Ottawa Hospital Patient Safety Corporate Education Program is a self-directed enterprise learning management system that introduces the learner to the basics of patient safety and how these concepts are integrated into everyday activities to contribute to safe patient care.

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University of Calgary - Framework to Incorporate Patient Safety into the Undergraduate Medical Education Curriculum

This was a project to identify curriculum changes necessary to ensure that clinical clerks at the University of Calgary can demonstrate mastery of the CPSI Safety Competencies to a level in keeping with their expected knowledge, skills and abilities.

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