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​​​Studentships are an important way to increase student capacity in applied patient safety research. They aim to create new collaborative learning opportunities to facilitate implementation of practical ideas and tools to improve patient safety. In September 2014, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) issued a call for applications to organizations interested in enabling students to participate in patient safety research.  Funding is to support the work of students in any healthcare profession, as well as other disciplines (including but not limited to social sciences, human kinetics, psychology and human factors) interested in patient safety. The goal was to create new learning opportunities aligned with the mandate of CPSI. Students are required to be the major resource in carrying out the tasks involved in each patient safety project.

Below are the names of the students who were awarded funding of $5,000, along with the title of their research project.

​Title of Studentship Project
​Don Thiwanka Wijeratne
​Dr Gill Sudeep
​Queen’s University
​Effect of language proficiency on emergency department visits and hospitalization for adverse drug events in older immigrant adult.
Farinaz Havaei
Maura MacPhee
University of BC School of Nursing
Shared decision making and its influence on Cardiac patients’ safety outcomes.
​Valoria Hait
​Margaret Seppelt
BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre
​Content validity of safety culture survey questions for parents of patients in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).
​Marketa Gross
​Dr Sherry Espin
​Ryerson University
​Exploring team handover: development of an OR_PACU team briefing tool.
Thach Lam
Dr Natalie Clavel
Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network
Do emergency checklists improve physician performance in simulated perioperative neuroanesthesia crisis scenarios?


Final reports will be available early in 2016.