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The resources and recommended readings referred to in this component of the toolkit are listed in this section. A similar list is available for each component and a compilation of all the resources and readings referred to in all toolkit components is available here:

Alberta Health Services (AHS). Immediate Management Checklist. (Checklist, 1 page)

Alberta Health Services (AHS). Ongoing Management Checklist. (Checklist, 1 page)

Alberta Health Services (AHS). Patient Safety Alerts & Safer Practice Notices. (Collection of alerts)

Alberta Health Services (AHS). Supporting Physicians and Staff Involved in Adverse Events. (Guide, 2 pages)

Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI). Guidelines for Informing the Media after an Adverse Event. Edmonton, AB: CPSI; 2011. (Guide, 11 pages)

Health PEI. Critical Incident Staff Support (CISS) Managers' Toolkit. (Toolkit)

Incident Analysis Collaborating Parties. Canadian Incident Analysis Framework. Appendix F: Checklist for Effective meetings with patient(s)/families\. Edmonton, AB: Canadian Patient Safety Institute; 2012. (Guide, tools, 133 pages)

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, Critical Patient Safety Incident Reporting and Investigation Policy and Procedure, 2014 (Policy, procedure)

The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA). Good Practice Guide. Ottawa, ON: CMPA (Guide)

The Canadian Medical Protective Association, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, The College of Family Physicians of Canada, Canadian Medical Association. Improving Patient Safety Through Disclosure and Quality Improvement Reviews. 2012. (Report, 14 pages)

The Canadian Nurses Protective Society. Quality Documentation: Your Best Defence. (Guide)

The Hospital for Sick Children, Management of Serious Patient Safety Incidents, 2013 (Policy)

Conway J, Federico F, Steward K, Campbell MJ. Respectful Management of Serious Clinical Adverse Events (Second Edition). IHI Innovation Series white paper. Cambridge, MA: Institute for Healthcare Improvement; 2011. (Guide, log-in required)

·         Appendix A: Internal and external communication checklist

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine. Second Victims. 2013. (Guide, 10 pages)

University of Missouri Health System, Caring for the Caregiver (Guide)

University of Missouri Health System, Providing Care and Support to our Staff (Leaflet)

University of Missouri Health System, Second Victim Trajectory, 2009 (Guide, 1 page)

University of Missouri Health System, The Scott Three-Tiered Interventional Model of Second Victim Support (Guide, 1 page)

Recommended Readings

McDonald TB, Helmchen LA, Smith KM, Centomani N, Gunderson A, Mayer D, Chamberlin WH. Responding to patient safety incidents: the “seven pillars”. Quality and Safety in Health Care.  2010; 19: e11. (Journal article, open access)

NHS Scotland. Learning From Adverse Events Through Reporting and Review: A national framework for NHS Scotland.  Glasgow: NHS Scotland; 2013. (Guide, 37 pages)

Scott SD, Hirschinger LE, Cox KR, McCoig M, Hahn-Cover K, Epperly KM, et al. Caring for our own: deploying a system wide second victim rapid response team.  Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety. 2010; 36(5): 234-240. (Journal article, open access)