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2/25/2018 5:00 PM Learning Series; Webinar Leader; Provider

Archive: February 26th, 2018

Speakers: Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw and Dr. Justin Presseau

This is the first in a series of interactive webinars designed to build capacity in the basic principles of knowledge translation and implementation science. The webinar series is designed as a suite, with each session building on the last and thus would be ideally suited to those who are able to participate in all six. Familiarize yourself with the historical roots and rationale for knowledge translation and implementation science and to provide an overview of models, theories and frameworks used in the field and how these may be leveraged for implementing and evaluating patient safety initiatives. This webinar will also serve as a primer for what's to come later in the series and will be especially relevant to those new to knowledge translation and implementation science and/or those wanting to gain an overview of how it can be leveraged for improving patient safety.