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CPSI and CIHI collaborate on Hospital Harm

This collaboration between the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI)   is aimed at answering the question "how often do patients experience harm in hospital?"

This initiative uses administrative data to develop a patient safety measure for inpatient care. The measure includes unintended occurrences of harm that could have been potentially prevented by implementing evidence-informed practices.

There are 3 outputs from this collaboration:

  • The Hospital Harm Measure
  • The Hospital Harm Improvement Resource
  • Analytical Report

Hospital Harm Measure  

  • A measure intended to monitor variations in patient safety in inpatient acute care settings at the national level across facilities over time.
  • It is designed to help identify patient safety improvement initiatives in hospitals.
  • The measure captures hospitalizations with at least one occurrence of unintended harm that could have potentially been prevented by implementing known evidence-informed practices.

Results for categories and types of harm, aggregated at the national level (outside of Quebec), can be found in the data tables on CIHIs website.

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Hospital Harm Improvement Resource

Information is being compiled by CPSI to complement the hospital harm measure. It will link measurement and improvement by providing resources that will support patient safety and improvement efforts.

The Improvement Resource for Hospital Harm is now available.

Analytical Report

The analytical report, Measuring Patient Harm in Canadian Hospitals, introduces this approach to measuring hospital harm, provides an overview of the status of these patient safety events in Canada (outside of Quebec 1) and identifies how the data and associated improvement resource can be used for improvement.

The report includes:

  • an overview of the status of patient safety in Canada;
  • the number and types of harmful events;
  • the types of patients and their outcomes; and
  • information on how measurement can be used for improvement.

Measuring Patient Harm in Canadian Hospitals is now available.

1 Data from Quebec is excluded due to methodological issues.

Since the report release, CIHI has worked with stakeholders to further refine the methodology used to calculate hospital harm. The most current methodology can be found in CIHI's Indicator Library