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​TeamSTEPPS is a good conduit for standardization, sharing, and creating a common vision for safe care between all organizations.

Rhonda Pouliot, Lead, Collaborative Learning & Education, HQCA 
TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer

Effective teamwork and communication is critical to the delivery of safe and reliable patient care. Communication breakdowns account for the overwhelming majority of sentinel events. Effective teamwork and communication can help prevent mistakes and decrease patient risk. The implementation of simple tools and behaviors can greatly enhance patient safety and improve perceptions of teamwork. - Dale Pfrimmer

Comments from participants - TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer session in Atlantic Canada:

Innovative speakers and excellent animation. Great facilitation and examples of applications of tools and resources.

Now it is starting to come together! Good review of how each component of TeamSTEPPS works and how they intermingle with each other.

I feel a lot more supported to be more persuasive and persistent with certain topics.

We will certainly implement TeamSTEPPS as a quality improvement initiative.

Will plan ways on how to get executive leadership on board – plan has been started over these last two days!

Recommend a bigger representation of the organization to be able to improve implementation success.

Loved the simple and effective team exercises.

Excellent opportunity to leverage tools and resources that align with existing work.