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Ms. Jennifer Braun

Jen Braun is a Senior Program Manager at the American Hospital Association's Center for Health Innovation. In her role, she manages the organization's strategic efforts in performance improvement and innovation to enhance patient safety and staff satisfaction. Jen manages AHA's Team Training program which includes the AHA's national work in TeamSTEPPS (Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety) and other quality improvement initiatives. Prior, under a federal contract with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, she managed the National Implementation of TeamSTEPPS for over four years. Jen completed her Master of Public Health from the University of Iowa.

Ms. Leanne Couves

Leanne worked a number of years with a telecommunications firm, leading and providing education to improvement teams across the company. She co-led the Customer Satisfaction Measurement team, designed two system-wide collaborative projects, coordinated education opportunities and co-authored the company's Measurement and Cycle Time Improvement Guides. She co-founded Improvement Associates in 2000 and has worked primarily on the improvement for healthcare. As an Improvement Advisor, Leanne has designed and supported over 20 Breakthrough Series Collaboratives across Canada and has taught over 70 Learning Sessions. She has led the writing of several improvement guides based on these approaches. Leanne holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education from the University of Alberta.  

Ms. Maryanne D'Arpino

In her senior executive role with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), Maryanne leads national and international initiatives with leaders, providers, patients and families to improve the quality and safety of healthcare. This includes leading the CPSI strategy for Safety Improvement, Knowledge Translation, Capability Building, Patient Safety Research, and Indigenous Health Priorities.Maryanne provides executive leadership on the Safety Improvement Projects.

Ms. Gina DeSouza

Gina is a Senior Program Manager on the Safety Improvement and Capability Building team. Gina brings many years of experience as a Nurse and Process Improvement Practitioner who is passionate about evidence-based practice and an advocate for vulnerable populations.

Gina has a Master's degree in Nursing (Education and Leadership Stream) and Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt.

Mr. Christopher Hund

Chris is a Director with American Hospital Association's Center for Health Innovation. In his role, Chris focuses on creating and implementing the center's innovation, leadership and teamwork development programs and communities. Chris is dedicated to helping teams of experts become expert teams. He directs AHA Team Training, which aims to create highly reliable organizations through improved teamwork and communication. He directed the AHA's national work in TeamSTEPPS (Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety) under a contract with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality for 7 years. Chris has also worked in a variety of projects to improve culture and drive innovation amongst teams across the health care spectrum through contracts with AHRQ, CDC, IHS and others. Before his decade of working in teaming, quality improvement and patient safety for the AHA, Chris worked in both the health care publishing and education sectors.

Ms. Julia Moore

Dr. Julia E. Moore is Moore is the Senior Director for the Center for Implementation. Dr. Moore has a PhD from Penn State, where she was trained as an implementation scientist, researching the best ways to implement evidence-based programs. She worked at the Evidence-based Prevention and Intervention Support Center (EPISCenter), an intermediary organization that promotes the use of effective programs for communities. There, she supported more than 120 communities that had implemented 10 evidence-based programs over 200 times. While at the Knowledge Translation Program at St. Michael's Hospital, Dr. Moore grew the Team for Implementation, Evaluation, and Sustainability from 0 to 20 full-time employees managing over 50 knowledge translation projects. Dr. Moore is most passionate about supporting professionals how to use implementation science. She has delivered dozens workshops to over 1000 participants

Kim Kinder PhotoMs. Kim Kinder

Kim is a Senior Program Manager with the Safety Improvement and Capability Building team at the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. Kim brings 20 years experience in healthcare, quality improvement and safety, administration, and technology. 

Kim’s previous roles include working in health care across a continuum of services from providing clinical care to implementing provincial programs. In each of these roles, she has kept patients and patient groups at the forefront of her work.