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Download- The Case for Investing in Patient Safety in CanadaAbout This Report

In keeping with RiskAnalytica’s guidelines for funded research, the design and method of research, as well as the content of this study, were determined solely by RiskAnalytica.

The interpretation and reporting of the results of the mathematical modelling contained within this report do not necessarily represent the policy position or the opinion of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. Forecasts and research often involve numerous assumptions and data sources, and are subject to inherent risks and uncertainties. This information is not intended as specific investment, accounting, legal, or tax advice.

This study was commissioned by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, who would like to acknowledge the funding support from Health Canada. The results and interpretation contained within this report do not necessary represent the policy positions of CPSI or the views of Health Canada.

About RiskAnalytica

RiskAnalytica is a health economics research and technology firm that periodically provides objective, independent, and evidence-based analysis. The goal is to provide a quantitative understanding of the short- and long-term risks and returns behind policy decisions and health and economic outcomes.

As a brand of the Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis, at the centre of RiskAnalytica’s analysis is the Prosperity at Risk (PaR) simulation platform. PaR is a sophisticated agent-based socio-economic computer platform that simulates the interactions of more than 40 million virtual agents (individuals, households, corporations, governments, and non-profit organizations) to realistically understand the consequences of market and policy developments for our clients.

RiskAnalytica does not accept any research funding or client engagements that require a predetermined result or policy stance or otherwise inhibits its independence.