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Effective July 25 2019, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute has archived the Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) intervention. Though you may continue to access the Getting Started Kit online, it will no longer be updated.

This section provides examples that will help you start on your way and can be adapted to your local context.

This section includes:

  • APPENDIX A: Possible Barriers to Optimal Use of Thromboprophylaxis
  • APPENDIX B: Strategies to Increase Appropriate Use of Thromboprophylaxis
  • APPENDIX C: VTE Change Package
  • APPENDIX D: Model for Improvement: Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle
  • APPENDIX E: Accreditation Canada's VTE ROP
  • APPENDIX F: Thromboprophylaxis Guideline/Protocol
  • APPENDIX G: Example of a Standardized Order Set – General Internal Medicine with Thromboprophylaxis Module
  • APPENDIX H: Audit Tool and Instructions
  • APPENDIX I: Example of Thromboprophylaxis Discharge Letter

Section 8: Appendices

This document was updated in January 2017

The Model for Improvement is designed to accelerate the pace of improvement using the PDSA cycle; a "trial and learn" approach to improvement based on the scientific method. Please refer to the Improvement Frameworks GSK (2015) for additional information.

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