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Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) is offering new Safety Improvement Projects designed with a Quality Improvement/Knowledge Translation integrated learning design for accelerating Patient Safety in Canada.

CPSI is working with committed partners to implement and evaluate measurable and sustainable Safety Improvement Projects that align with pan-Canadian priorities.

The new Safety Improvement Projects are as follows:

Each Safety Improvement Project lasts 18 months and uses principles from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Breakthrough Series and the Knowledge to Action Framework. The learning design is unique in that it is guided by a Quality Improvement/Knowledge Translation integrated learning design. By adopting these projects, you and your organization will step in to a leading role in healthcare delivery.

Please sign up to subscribe to our Safety Improvement Project mailing list for updates and to learn more about each of these projects. Consider introducing them in your organization with a goal of supporting higher patient safety standards within your organization and across the country.

Benefits to participating organizations:

  • Support of expert faculty and coaches who are knowledgeable about the best-known evidence as well as practical ideas, tips and tools for application.
  • Use of a collaborative virtual space for networking with other participating teams and faculty, and continual and ongoing support provided through in-person and virtual contact opportunities with coaches.
  • Opportunity to demonstrate, showcase and share the practices that support meeting strategic and operational objectives at a congress event.

If you have any questions, please email