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The Canadian Patient Safety Institute is launching three new Safety Improvement Projects:

Safety Improvement Project Information Webinar

This webinar, presented to hundreds of healthcare team members across Canada, is a great opportunity for you and your team members to get more information about the learning collaboratives and get answers to any questions.


Safety Improvement Projects Overview

Teamwork and Communication

There needs to be a shift, a focus on how to improve team skills such as communication and teamwork, thereby improving patient safety culture and patient outcomes. Teamwork and Communication assist organizations in implementing team training to improve attitudes, increase knowledge and improve behavioural skills, leading to improved patient safety culture and positive patient outcomes. 

Medication Safety at Care Transitions

Medications are the most common treatment intervention used in healthcare around the world. Medication safety issues can impact health outcomes, length of stay in a healthcare facility, readmission rates, and overall costs to Canada's healthcare system.  Medication Safety at Care Transitions assists organizations in improving medication safety at discharge for frail elderly patients with poly-morbidity. 

Enhanced Recovery Canada

Patients undergoing colorectal surgery experience longer hospital stays and more complications because evidence-based practices in the areas of nutrition, opioid sparing analgesia, hydration, mobility and other surgical bets practices are not consistently applied or adopted. Enhanced Recovery Canada will lead to improved outcomes and system efficiencies for colorectal surgery patients.