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The sample size and sampling strategy is at the discretion of your facility. It is suggested that you sample different units or patient populations across your facility. You may conduct your SSI Prevention audit(s) any time during the month of February.  The table below, details a recommended sampling strategy for this audit event and future data collection.

Sampling strategy

Average Monthly Population Size "N"Minimum required sample "n"
< 20No sampling; 100% of population required
20 – 10020
> 10015 - 20% of population size

About the Canadian SSI Prevention Audit Data Collection Form: It is data collection form that is used to audit a patient chart/record.  The audit will take approximately 5-10 minutes per patient to complete, and consists of several questions to assess the completion of specific tasks. For example:

  • Pre-op shower of bath with soap or antiseptic agent?
  • Solution used for intra-operative intact skin cleansing?
  • Prophylactic antibiotic administration?
  • Appropriate prophylactic antibiotic re-dosing according to guidelines?
  • Discontinuation of prophylactic antibiotic?
  • Hair removal method?

The audit can be done in either of two ways: 

  • Concurrent: place the SSI audit form on the patient chart and complete each element over time up to the day of discharge.
  • Retrospective chart review to collect data for clean and clean-contaminated patients discharged the previous day, week, or month.

Sharing the audit results:  Results of individual healthcare facilities will not be shared publicly without explicit consent. All data submitted to the "Canadian SSI Prevention Audit" will be presented in aggregate national and provincial form only. Participating hospitals will have the ability to view their data and run reports through Patient Safety Metrics.