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Announcing the successful applicant of the 2016 research competition

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute, Accreditation Canada, the Canadian Home Care Association, Patients for Patient Safety Canada and the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario are pleased to announce that Dr. Chantal Backman of the University of Ottawa and her research team have been awarded $50,000 for the 2016-2017 Research Competition for their study entitled "Safe and effective person-and-family-centered care practices during transitions between hospital-based care and home care – A mixed method study."

The five partners came together to help develop knowledge in, and to support innovative solutions to patient safety. Using person-and family centred approaches to care, this research aims to explore how patient safety is operationalized and monitored during transitions in care. Transitions, when patients are moved from hospital-based care to home care, have been identified as potentially high risk for harm.    The call for commissioned research, launched in January 2016, sought projects that would help reduce the harm that can occur during transitions in care.

Dr. Backman's project promises to yield much needed information about patient safety that can help reduce harm and improve patient safety during transitions.

The objectives of the study from Dr. Chantal Backman and team are:

  1. Describe patients and families' perceptions of key factors  that would improve safety and facilitate person- and family-centered care during transitions from hospital-based care to home care;
  2. Identify the indicators (structural, process and outcome) that best reflect safe person- and family-centered care transitions;
  3. Identify how organizations monitor inter-organization transitions to ensure that they are safe and person- and family-centered;
  4. Describe best practices for safe person- and family-centered care transitions and identify high performing organizations that have successfully implemented and monitored these practices; and
  5. Develop recommendations for how Canadian healthcare organizations at both regional and local levels can implement and monitor safe person-and-family-centered care transitions from hospital to home care.

The final report will be available on our website in the fall of 2017.


Principal Investigator

Dr. Chantal Backman
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa; Affiliate Investigator, Clinical Epidemiology Program, The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute; Associate Investigator, Nursing Best Practice Research Centre, University of Ottawa


  • Dr. Wendy Gifford, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Dr. Nelly D. Oelke, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health and Social Development
  • Dr. Julie Chartrand, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Dr. Sharon Johnston, Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine
  • Dr. Alan J. Forster, Senior Scientist, Clinical Epidemiology Program

This project was made possible through the support of:

  • Canadian Patient Safety Institute
  • Accreditation Canada
  • Canadian Home Care Association
  • Patients for Patient Safety Canada​
  • Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Congratulations to Dr. Chantal Backman and her research team!