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​​​​​​​What is the incidence and what are the types of adverse events that occur in children hospitalized across the country?

Over 9% of children admitted to acute care hospitals in Canada experience harm caused by healthcare management, leading to death, disability, prolonged hospital stay, or readmission. These data are new and unique, and represent the results of the recently completed Canadian Paediatric Adverse Events Study (CPAES), the first national study of its kind conducted to examine the problem of paediatric patient safety. As per the results of the 2004 Baker-Norton Canadian Adverse Events Study, the CPAES data tell us that it is not just adults who are vulnerable to healthcare associated harm, but children hospitalized in the acute healthcare system in Canada are vulnerable as well. As children cannot advocate for their own safe care, paediatric practitioners and decision makers alike must be cognizant of the various hazards in paediatric healthcare in order to focus attention and channel resources toward the necessary system improvements.

Click here to access the findings of the Canadian Paediatric Adverse Events Study. 

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