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Reducing Surgical Site Infections


Thursday, April 30th, 2015


  • Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Guest Speakers:

  • Dr. Claude LaFlamme, Safer Healthcare Now! SSI Intervention Faculty Lead
  • Virginia Flintoft, MSc BN, Safer Healthcare Now! Manager, Central Measurement Team


  • Carla Williams, Patient Safety Improvement Lead, Canadian Patient Safety Institute
  • Hélène Riverin, French Language Support, Canadian Patient Safety Institute


  • Further to the launch of the revised SSI Getting Started Kit and improved measures, to introduce a new audit tool; Data Collection Form (DCF) and complementary data base which allows teams to collect patient level data on specific SSI prevention related process and outcome measures.
  • To demonstrate how this data can be easily submitted and analyzed through the Patient Safety Metrics system and used to accelerate your quality improvement initiatives