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​​​​ Purpose

The purpose of this environmental scan is to provide a high level summary of the patient safety and quality priorities and goals for participants of the National Patient Safety Consortium.  More specifically, the goals of this document are to: 

  1. Confirm that all partners have a part to play in advancing patient safety
  2. Confirm that we now have a call to action for patient safety (as demonstrated in Forward with Patient Safety: Commitment through action paper )
  3. Demonstrate alignment with current work and priorities of Consortium members

Click here to access Patient Safety and Quality Priorities for Consortium Participants: A Canadian Snapshot.

The websites of Consortium participants were searched for strategic plans and key corporate documents; patient safety and quality legislation was also reviewed; as well as public reporting of patient safety and quality indicators.  Some recently published literature on quality and patient safety is also described.  The scan was also shared with Consortium participants for their review and input. 

This scan is the third in a series of environmental scans that was shared with the National Patient Safety Consortium.  The first scan is an international scan on patient safety and quality priorities for nine countries.  The second scan explores principles for leading large scale change. 

This scan is also an action directly from the Consortium Action Plan, Forward with Patient Safety: Commitment through action.  The specific action is to "complete an inventory and environmental scan of current patient safety initiatives by provinces, territories and national/provincial organizations."


The organizations and activities included in this scan do not reflect all of the patient safety and quality initiatives across the country.  Many activities are taking place at regional and local levels, and some activities are not posted publicly.  Rather, this scan highlights some of the larger initiatives from a national, provincial, and territorial perspective of the organizations that are involved in the National Patient Safety Consortium.

This document was prepared in collaboration with the Consortium members (from November 2014 to January 2015), and was updated by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) in October 2015 to give a more complete picture of patient safety priorities of all participants.