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Patient Safety Culture "Bundle" for CEOs/Senior Leaders

What is the Patient Safety Culture "Bundle"?

Strengthening a safety culture necessitates interventions that simultaneously enable, enact and elaborate in a way that is attuned to the existing culture. Through a literature review of more than 60 resources, a Patient Safety Culture Bundle has been created and validated through interviews with Canadian thought leaders. The Bundle is based on a set of evidence-based practices that must all be applied in order to deliver good care. All components are required to improve the patient safety culture.

The Patient Safety Culture "Bundle" for CEOs and Senior Leaders encompasses key concepts of safety science, implementation science, just culture, psychological safety, staff safety/health, patient and family engagement, disruptive behavior, high reliability/resilience, patient safety measurement, frontline leadership, physician leadership, staff engagement, teamwork/communication, and industry-wide standardization/alignment.


Download a one-pager of the Patient Safety Culture Bundle for CEOs/Senior Leaders

Download a one-pager of the Patient Safety Culture Bundle for CEOs/Senior Leaders 

Why was this Bundle created?

A patient safety culture is difficult to operationalize. Improving safety requires an organizational culture that enables and prioritizes patient safety. The importance of culture change needs to be brought to the forefront, rather than taking a backseat to other safety activities.

The National Patient Safety Consortium Education Working Group verified the critical role senior leadership plays in ensuring patient safety is an organizational priority. A Working group of partners, led by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL), HealthCareCAN and the Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC) were brought together to establish a framework and advance this work.

How can I use the Patient Safety Culture Bundle?

The key components required for a Patient Safety Culture are identified under three pillars:

Within each pillar you will find links to valuable tools and resources to help your efforts in establishing and sustaining a patient safety culture. (coming soon)

Are you looking to establish and sustain a culture of safety?

We are committed to providing a robust framework to advance a safety culture. The Bundle is a dynamic tool that will be continually updated. We invite you to check back often for more links and resources.

We also need your participation and input to ensure the Bundle is current and relevant. Please forward any links or comments to


"Patient safety and healthcare quality are advanced when boards and senior leaders are committed to it and are able to show evidence of that commitment. Missing until now is a concise "how to" guide. The Patient Safety bundle for Leaders fills that gap."

 Catherine Gaulton, CEO, HIROC

"Leadership is critical to developing a patient safety culture and building leadership capacity requires a vision of the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to achieve this. The Patient Safety Leadership Bundle provides this and will be a practical tool for health leaders across the healthcare continuum to assess their personal capabilities. It will also provide both organizations and the system, as a whole, a checklist for what's missing from our collective leadership education toolkits so that we can strategically respond to these needs. HealthCareCAN is committed to the spread of this tool across the country as part of a cultural shift to safety and a drive towards high-reliability culture."

Dale Schierbeck, Vice-President, Learning & Development, HealthCareCAN
and Co-Chair, Patient Safety Education for Leaders Working