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Learning practices that reinforce safe behaviors

The Patient Safety Culture “bundle” is arranged in three main parts with sub-sections under each; as with other safety bundles, all components (vs. a piecemeal approach) are required to improve patient safety culture. Improving patient safety culture requires sequential, iterative and simultaneous interventions that ENABLE, ENACT and LEARN.

This section specifically examines the LEARNING components of the Bundle.

Learning: The table below addresses learning practices that reinforce safe behaviours. The Learning section provides tools and resources to ensure that there are systems in place to support education and capability building, incident reporting/management/analysis, safety/quality measurement/reporting and operational improvements. Please clink on the hyperlink within this subsection to access freely available tools and resources to support your work within this leadership area.

Resource Title
collapse Category : Education/capability building ‎(11)
collapse Category : Incident reporting/management/analysis ‎(8)
collapse Category : Operational improvements ‎(7)
collapse Category : Safety/quality measurement/reporting ‎(12)