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5/3/2018 6:00 PM Webinar Provider

Archive : May 4, 2018

Want to Improve Hand Hygiene Compliance? Join us May 4th to gain a fresh perspective on your hand hygiene program! #thebugstopshere

Join us on May 4th (12pm ET / 10am MT) for the return of our STOP! Clean Your Hands Day interactive webinar. Moderated by Terri Sabo from Patients for Patient Safety Canada, this dynamic discussion features two speakers with different perspectives on hand hygiene. We will explore practical and actionable ways to improve hand hygiene compliance in your organization as well as how hand hygiene impacts other important infection prevention and control strategies.



Lori Moore, a Healthcare Clinical Educator with GOJO, will address hand hygiene uptake through building meaningful partnerships with individuals who are in front line positions of authority and responsibility. She will join Dr. Benedetta Allegranzi of the World Health Organization's Infection Prevention and Control Global Unit, who will share with us her experience with preventing sepsis in healthcare settings.

Don't let your frustration overwhelm you: we have practical examples and tools that you can use in your healthcare setting to improve your hand hygiene results.


Professor Benedetta Allegranzi,World Health Organisation

Dr. Benedetta Allegranzi is a specialist in infectious diseases, tropical medicine, infection prevention and control and hospital epidemiology. She currently works at the World Health Organization HQ (Service Delivery and Safety department), leading the "Clean Care is Safer Care" programme. Since 2013, Dr Allegranzi has gathered the title of professor of infectious diseases in the official Italian professorship list and is adjunct professor attached to the Institute of Global Health at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland. She closely collaborates with the team at the IPC and WHO Collaborating Center on Patient Safety, University of Geneva Hospitals (Geneva, Switzerland), as well as with the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, John Hopkins University, (Baltimore, USA) for clinical research projects. She is currently involved in the leadership on the WHO Ebola Response in the field of IPC and supervises IPC activities in Sierra Leone and Guinea. She has experience in clinical management of infectious diseases and tropical medicine, and clinical research in healthcare settings in both developing and developed countries. She has thorough skills and experience in training and education.

She is also the author or coauthor of more than 150 scientific publications, including articles published in high-profile medical journal such as the Lancet, Lancet Infectious Diseases, New England Journal of Medicine and the WHO Bulletin, and six book chapters.

Lori Moore, GOJO Industries

Lori Moore joined GOJO Industries in 2013 as a Clinical Application Specialist. In this position, she provided leadership and support to healthcare organizations as they implemented electronic compliance monitoring (ECM) to more accurately measure hand hygiene performance. She has been a trusted partner to hospital key stakeholders in the development, design and implementation of hand hygiene improvement efforts. Areas of expertise include root cause analysis with targeted solutions, just-in-time coaching and ECM software data analytics. In January 2017, she transitioned to the position of Clinical Educator for Healthcare.

She began her professional career in healthcare in 2010 as a registered nurse in the medical intensive care unit at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (where she continues to work on the weekends). Her passion for patient safety and quality of care sparked her interest in infection prevention, and she worked as an infection preventionist prior to joining GOJO.

Lori has a well-rounded academic background which includes a Bachelor’s of Arts in Management from Malone College, a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Akron, and a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Akron. She is a member of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, American Society of Professionals in Patient Safety, and the American Medical Writers Association. She has also earned the credential of Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS). 

Theresa Sabo, Patients for Patient Safety Canada

Theresa is a World Health Organization Champion and Co-Chair of Patients for Patient Safety Canada (PFPSC).

Theresa owned a Private Business College on Vancouver Island where she offered administration, IT, and healthcare programs and presented inspirational talks to the community.  The College was her passion; however, she was forced to close it after medical errors left her with health issues that took over 10 years for her to recover from. 

Theresa now advocates for more consistent and effective reporting practices for adverse events; patients taking a proactive role in their healthcare plans; and better communications and teamwork between family doctors, specialists and other members of patient healthcare teams.  She has spoken on behalf of PFPSC at conferences and primary health care centres; attended the National stakeholder healthcare forums; participated in video presentations and podcasts for the Canadian Patient Safety Institute; and was a Master Trainer and Facilitator of Chronic Disease Management programs for the University of Victoria.  Theresa recently presented a TEDx Talk in Vancouver, BC entitled "Medical Errors are Killing Us" which is now available to view on YouTube.