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Understanding that the healthcare system is complex and intimidating, the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety created the Self Advocacy For Everyone (S. A. F. E) Toolkit to provide tips and resources to ease the minds of those who want to properly speak up about how they feel when it comes to healthcare. To bolster the toolkit, the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety has created and is pleased to share their new, leading-edge resource.

Establishing new ways to encourage people to be more involved in discussions about healthcare is challenging. Therefore, MIPS has come up with the S.A.F.E Toolkit Video series. Based off topics covered in their S.A.F.E Toolkit, the DVD's are made up of eight short three to five minute videos that are supplement the toolkit, and will include the "5 Questions" resource in three of the videos.

These videos can be viewed by going to the websites listed below or by accessing YouTube:


We strongly encourage patients, their families and healthcare providers share these resources.