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Archive: July 13, 2017

When things go from bad to worse, everyone has a role to play to ensure patient safety.

A webinar designed and facilitated by patient partners 

Family members are a vital part of the healthcare team and are often best positioned to recognize the sometimes subtle, yet very important changes in their loved one's condition that may indicate deterioration. You may not know WHAT is wrong, but you know something just isn't right. Empower yourself and your loved ones with information and resources to help you recognize the signs of deteriorating patient condition and effectively discuss your concerns with the healthcare provider.

Leave the webinar with at least one practical idea for engaging patients, families or the public in making care safer. The focus of this interactive session is to:

  • Understand the basics of the deteriorating patient condition
  • What to do if you think someone's condition is deteriorating


Speakers, moderator and participants:

Alison Fox-Robichaud, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Staff Physician, Hamilton Health Sciences CentreSabina Robin, Patients for Patient Safety CanadaTheresa Malloy-Miller, Patients for Patient Safety Canada

Designed by patient/family partners this interactive webinar is offered by Patients for Patient Safety Canada. The session is designed to allow for conversation among participants, so be prepared to contribute to the dialogue verbally or via chat. The webinar recording and slides (in English and French) will be publicly available after the session here.

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