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Join your colleagues in improving patient safety by understanding and preventing medication-related never events!

National Snapshot - January to December 2020

Medication-related errors are a major cause of preventable harm to patients in hospital and long-term care residents every day across Canada. “Never events” are patient safety incidents that result in serious harm or death, and that can be prevented by using organizational checks and balances.

ISMP Canada and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute collaborated with partners across the country over the past year to develop and successfully pilot a tool for health care leaders to use to prevent medication-related never events. The Medication Safety Self-Assessment: Focus on Never Events has been updated based on feedback from the pilot and there are now 2 programs:

We’re looking for at least 100 teams (60 acute care and 40 long-term care) to complete the MSSA-Never Events for their practice site between January and December 2020.

Why participate in this national snapshot?

  • The MSSA provides a useful way to identify vulnerabilities in your practice setting, along with strategies for safer care

  • It provides an immediate comparison of your results with those of your peers

  • The recently released Auditor General report in Ontario included a focus on preventing Never Events.

What else do I need to know?

  • The MSSA-Never Events is available in English and French

  • The assessment can be completed in one meeting (approximately 1 hour for long-term care and 2 hours for hospitals)

  • There is no charge to participate

  • If you participated in the pilot, your user name and password are still valid

  • If you have questions about the MSSA-Never Events, please email

For more information about never events in health care, see the Never Events for Hospital Care in Canada Report

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