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Archive: November 30, 2017

Improving teamwork and communication skills in healthcare in Canada and around the world

What do the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ) in the United States, and the Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto have in common? All three organizations have seen the benefits to patient safety when implementing the evidence-based teamwork and communication framework, TeamSTEPPS (Team Strategies and Tools for Effective Performance and Patient Safety).

Join us for a one-hour webinar to learn more about the experience of each organization on their TeamSTEPPS journey. Discover how each organization has been working to implement TeamSTEPPS, and learn how you can use TeamSTEPPS to improve teamwork, communication and patient safety in your practice and organization.


Speakers include:

Christopher Hund headshotChristopher Hund, MFA

Chris is Director of Quality at the Health Research and Educational Trust of the American Hospital Association. He directs the AHA's national work in TeamSTEPPS (Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety) and has also worked in a variety of projects to improve culture and drive innovation amongst teams across the health care spectrum. Before his decade of working in teaming, quality improvement and patient safety for the AHA, Chris worked in both the health care publishing and education sectors.

Jennifer Braun headshotJennifer Braun, MPH

Jen Braun is a Senior Program Manager at the Health Research & Educational Trust of the American Hospital Association (AHA). She manages the AHA's national work in TeamSTEPPS (Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety) and other team training and quality improvement initiatives. Prior, under a federal contract with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, she managed the National Implementation of TeamSTEPPS for over four years. Jen completed her Master of Public Health from the University of Iowa. Braun also holds a BA in Health Promotion from the University of Iowa.

Debbie Gillis headshotDebbie Gillis, BScN MEd

Debbie is the Clinical Resource Leader for Organizational Learning at Michael Garron Hospital (MGH), and Adjunct Lecturer at University of Toronto Bloomberg School of Nursing. Debbie's career has spanned 30 years, working in a variety of Critical Care areas at MGH (Formerly Toronto East General Hospital) and Sunnybrook Hospital. Over the last 15 years, Debbie has completed undergraduate and graduate degrees in Nursing and Education, concurrently gaining expertise in simulation, instructional design and competency evaluation. As part of her role teaching healthcare professionals team resuscitation in the critical care setting, Debbie understood the importance of ensuring the development of high performing teams. Having identified the importance of team dynamics to improving team performance, Debbie became interested in what the TeamSTEPPS program had to offer, completing the Master Trainer Program in 2015. In 2016 she worked with the Intensive Care Leadership at MGH to initiate a pilot using the TeamSTEPPS communication techniques, and is continuing to champion further implementation throughout the organization.

Karen L. Chapman headshotKaren L. Chapman, RN BScN MScQ&PS

Karen is passionate about quality patient care and patient safety. A Registered Nurse for over 30 years, her clinical work has included Nursing in medicine, critical care, cardiology and emergency. A self-identified lifelong learner, Karen returned to university after Nursing for 20 years, earning a BScN at Ryerson University, subsequently attending post-graduate studies, completing a Master of Science degree in Quality and Patient Safety at the University of Toronto in 2014. Karen currently works at Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto, full time, as a Quality and Patient Safety Specialist. She is co-chair of the hospital's Safe Medication Practice committee, also participating on the Medical Quality and Patient Safety Committee and Falls Prevention Action Team. Karen has also been a member on the Ontario Hospital Association's working group on Critical Incidents, and in the Patient Safety Networking group.