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11/21/2018 5:00 PM Webinar

Archive: November 22, 2018​

A webinar designed and facilitated by patient partners 

Our safety within our healthcare system depends on our ability to be partners in the care process.

This webinar will expand your understanding of how care is experienced by patients with diverse needs. How safe would you feel if you could not see – or hear? What if you couldn’t understand the language spoken to you, or written in the instructions you receive? What if you couldn’t relate to common cultural norms? What if you had a chronic condition or disability?

Join us to gain a better understanding of how people with diverse needs experience care, then participate in a discussion to consider solutions toward helping EVERY PATIENT experience safe care. Participants can share how they ensured their safety needs were met, or how they helped those with diverse needs experience safe care, or how we all can engage patients with diverse needs in shaping our healthcare system.

You will leave the session with at least one practical idea for engaging all patients, families or the public in improving patient safety. 


  • Bernie Weinstein, Patient Partner, Patients for Patient Safety Canada
  • Rob Sleath, Patient Partner, Canadian National Institute for the Blind
  • Samaria Nancy Cardinal, Patient Partner, Patients for Patient Safety Canada 

Special Guests:

  • Lui Greco, National Manager of Advocacy at Canadian National Institute for the Blind   
  • Thilak Tennekone, Diversity Consultant, Public Service Commission PEI
  • Esha Ray Chaudhuri, Patient Partner, Patients for Patient Safety Canada

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(Available in English only)

Designed by patient and family partners, this interactive webinar is offered by Patients for Patient Safety Canada. The session is designed to allow for conversation among participants, so be prepared to contribute to the dialogue. 

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