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Canada's Virtual Forum on Patient Safety + Quality Improvement

For five years, Canada's Virtual Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement gave the Canadian healthcare system a place to gather, learn, and share ideas.

Over the years, we've amassed 102 hours of content featuring more than 200 speakers, broadcasting out to thousands of viewers in more than a dozen countries around the world. Wow! Thanks to everyone involved for making this endeavor a tremendous success.

We'd like to take this opportunity to run down some of the highlights over the years. Don't forget, you can still access every minute of the Virtual Forum, which has been archived, using the menu on the right.

1. Patient and provider stories

Every day, we began our broadcast with a patient story. These powerful and emotionally charged tales of harm and loss provided the audience with a reminder of why patient safety is so important. The brave individuals who stepped up and shared their stories with us are all members of Patients for Patient Safety Canada. We can't thank them enough for this, and all that they do to promote the patient voice.  In the later years, we began featuring "the second victim," the care providers who were at the centre of avoidable harm and the impact it left on them.

You can find every single one of our patient and provider stories on our website and our YouTube channel.



2. The video competitions

Canada's Virtual Forum was a chance for you to show of your creative side. Most every year, we ran a video competition, and every time our users came back with some incredible videos showcasing patient safety in their organization in some way, shape or form. Some were gripping, some were downright silly, and others fell somewhere in between, but they were all informative and grabbed your attention.

One of the all-time favourites throughout the years is one we've affectionately dubbed, "The Crying Pharmacist."


You can see all of them on our YouTube channel.

3. Dr. Helen Bevan

Many famous faces from the patient safety and quality improvement world graced our stage, but one that really caught people's attention was Dr. Helen Bevan from the NHS, who introduced the five directions of transformational leadership in healthcare. After explaining the approach to change between old power and new power, Dr. Bevan concluded that change will happen more quickly in a new power world, where people are voluntarily connected through a shared purpose. Her idea that you must "be a rebel to inspire change" was one that seemed to stick with many in the audience.


4. Zumba, anyone?

In the opening keynote on October 29, 2014, Dr. Kishore Visvanathan (Head of Urology, Saskatoon Health Region) delivered a compelling and humorous presentation underscoring shame and blame, respect in the workplace and turning failures into learning opportunities. He related his journey as a recovering perfectionist and how his perspective as a physician has changed.

In addition to a presentation that won over the crowd, he wowed everyone in the room with his array of Zumba moves. Not something you see everyday.

Dr Kishore Visvanathan presenting at the virtual forum 

5. The impact of disclosure

Disclosure is always a heavy topic when it comes to patient safety. It's something that is still a struggle and it represents a massive barrier in the healing process of the patient and family when harm occurs. An incredibly moving and emotional panel discussion featuring Nadine Glenn, Dr. Amy Nakajima and Donna Davis perfectly illustrates why disclosure is so important and the impact it has on everyone involved, whether you're a patient or a provider.


This is obviously just a sliver of what we've been treated to over the years. What about your highlights? What resonates with you to this day? Let us know at