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The Atlantic Learning Exchange 2017 was an opportunity to join leaders and patient safety champions who gathered for a two-day quality and patient safety knowledge exchange.  Participants took in engaging presentations on quality improvement from the system, provider, and patient experiences, as well, rapid fire presentations that showcased local initiatives and the differences they have made. 

This year's theme was: Advancing patient safety culture to improve the patient experience.

The following presentations are now available to download.

A Journey Through Healthcare:  One Patient's Experience – Karen MacLean

Culture Matters: Exploring how engagement and culture are key to improving care

Culture has a massive impact on the success or failure of improvement efforts. The most brilliant solutions will fail if they are not aligned with the local context. Improving culture can have direct links to patient outcomes. This session will explore the adaptive and technical sides of change, how it affects improvement work and what this means for those working to make positive changes. – Christina Krause

Physician Partnership: Mission Critical to Advancing Patient Safety and Quality

Following this session, participants will be able to: • describe the critical need to partner with physicians in advancing patient safety culture • understand the benefits of shared leadership and accountability • discuss enablers and barriers to physician participation in safety improvement initiatives – Amir Ginzburg

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: TeamSTEPPS® - Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety

 Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS®) is an evidence based teamwork system aimed at optimizing patient care by improving communication and teamwork skills. TeamSTEPPS® has five key principles which are based on team structure and four teachable-learnable skills:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Situation Monitoring
  • Mutual Support

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute, as part of the SHIFT to Safety program, is making TeamSTEPPS® available to OR Teams in Canada. This presentation will provide an introduction to TeamSTEPPS®. – Chris Power (SHIFT to Safety), Laurie Boyer (TeamSTEPPS)

The Experience of CARE and Partnership

How can we learn from the patient & family experience? How can patients & families partner with your organization to co-create improvements? – Renee Boyd

Culture, culture everywhere... reflections from Scotland

In this session, Brian will explore how Scotland has approached large scale improvement with a focus on culture within teams, services and institutions to drive and embed change. We will consider how culture 'sits' within a framework for high impact leadership and look at practical examples, tools and approaches which may be transferable. – Brian Robson

Patient and family engagement: The Horizon Health Network experience

The engagement of patients and families within the healthcare system at all levels is essential to transformation and renewal. In 2013, Horizon embarked on a journey to become a truly patient and family centred organization. This included engagement of patients and their family members at the front line, as well as within overall system and governance levels within our organization. This discussion will focus upon the tools of engagement which have been developed, challenges encountered and lessons learned as Horizon has sought to move toward greater patient and family partnership to improve quality and outcomes. – Margaret Melanson

NEW! Patient Engagement Toolkit: A guide for your journey in patient engagement

Janet Hodder, Denice Klavano, Ioana Popescu

Innovation Lab: Ideation for Innovation and Improvement. 

Ideation for Innovation and Improvement will allow you to take your solutions and ideas to new heights. We will curate the latest knowledge around innovation and design thinking and provide the opportunity to take some innovative approaches for a test run. This session will explore key knowledge related to innovation and design thinking and provide participants with the opportunity to apply selected knowledge/design thinking tools and techniques to accelerate improvement. – Colleen Kennedy

Rapid Fire Presentations

When Caring Hurts, Supporting the Second Victim
Tracy MacDonald, NL

Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) Pressure Injury Prevalence Study
Sheila Moffat, NS / Matt Phillips, NS

Telestroke:  Evolving and Disrupting the Boundaries of Traditional Healthcare Delivery
Patti Gallagher, NB / Krisan Palmer, NB

Establishing a Patient and Family Advisory Team at the Dartmouth General Hospital
Bridget Pierce, NS / Cecilia Murphy, NS

Improving Surgical Care through "Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)"
Erin Ballah, NL

Recognizing Excellence in Long Term Care – A Person Centred Approach in Establishing a Person-Centred Award
Andrew MacDougall, PEI

Partnering with Patients & Families; We Do Better Together
Julie Smith, PEI / Wendy Poole, PEI

Pacemaker Follow-up in Nursing Homes and Special Care Homes
Kathy Kowalski, NB

Supporting Health at home: Remote Patient Monitoring Program for Patients with COPD and Heart Failure
Kimberly Ghaney, NL

Teleoncology: Ensuring Safety and Enhanced Patient Care Experience into Primary Care Delivery
Darlene Decourcey, NB

Going off the Rails: Removing Bedrails, Changing Culture
Pamela Handrahan, PEI

Using Patient and Family Concerns and Complaints to Further Engage Patients, Families and Staff as Partners in Patient Safety
Bridget Pierce, NS / Denice Klavano, NS