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Pill bottleMedication errors cause harm to Canadians. Preventing such harm requires an understanding of where and why the medication safety system has failed, and the perspective of consumers is needed to advance this understanding. By sharing the learning from medication errors, consumers and providers can meaningfully work together to improve medication safety in Canada.

Developed by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada (ISMP Canada) and CPSI, is a new website for the public to submit reports of medication errors for analysis, learning, and action. It builds on the work and success of, to create a more user-friendly portal to share their medication error experiences with the goal to improve the quality and quantity of incident reporting in Canada.

Anyone can report and with the growing numbers of Canadians who take prescription and non-prescription medications in the community, it is important to understand and learn from the public.  Whether it is a suspected medication error or medication reaction, the website provides a quick and easy way to provide valuable insight that contributes to patient safety improvement.