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Rewiring your thinking on measuring and monitoring of patient safety.

To improve your organization's patient safety, you need reliable, up-to-date qualitative and quantitative information to help guide your delivery of safe healthcare. The Measurement and Monitoring Safety Framework, created by Professor Charles Vincent and colleagues from the Health Foundation, consists of five dimensions that organizations, units, or individuals including leaders, providers, patients and families can use to understand, guide and improve patient safety. This new approach assesses and evaluates safety from "ward to board" by providing a comprehensive and accurate real-time view of patient safety. The Framework helps users move from “assurance” to “inquiry” by shifting away from a focus on past cases of harm towards current performance, future risks and organizational resiliency.


Armed with a series of valuable questions, you can make better decisions about the safety of the care you provide. The primary questions are:

  • Has patient care been safe in the past?
  • Are our clinical systems and processes reliable?
  • Is our care safe now?
  • Will our care be safe in the future?
  • Are we responding and improving?

The Framework will be foundational to CPSI's new measurement coaching services offered by its Central Measurement Team. Stay tuned for additional details on how to access these coaching services.

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"The Framework helps us think differently, and have different conversations at different levels, whether it be at ward level through safety huddles and safety briefs in the morning, the hospital safety brief, or through other scheduled meetings. By doing this we can ensure everything we do every day for our patients and for our staff is focused on the same thing. We consider different components to determine if it's affected by system, process, or human factor and determine what we should do differently."

-- Charlie Sinclair, Associate Director, Nursing NHS Borders