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Watch a video where demonstration project participants share their views and experiences on the implementation of the Framework.

Past Experiences

  • "The framework is a refreshing way to look at past harm, what is happening currently, and predicting what will happen in the future," says Chris Power, CEO, Canadian Patient Safety Institute. "The participants were on fire. They were so excited about their work and want to be sure that it continues."
  • Dr. Jane Carthey, faculty member says, "The Framework changes the nature of conversations that health teams have about safety. It makes them more mindful, more forward thinking. Before engaging in the Framework, healthcare organizations are often very entrenched in learning from past harm and do very little in terms of moment by moment of what is happening now and what could happen next."

The following are comments from the participants in the initial demonstration project led by the University of Toronto.

  • "Once you use this tool, it is very powerful," says Aparna Bhattacharjee, McGill University Health Centre. "It can be infused into everything, from the smallest project to a very large endeavor."
  • "The use of this framework has been very helpful in changing the culture in our organization," says Jelena Sparavalo, St. Joseph's Health Care. "Anecdotally, our patients and staff feel a lot safer using this Framework and being able to discuss safety in a more proactive way."
  • "The framework has broadened the way we look at safety," says Sarah Grummisch, Fraser Health. "The biggest accomplishment that we are most proud of is the culture shift. Even though all staff are not aware of the framework, we have opened up the conversation around safety on the unit with physicians and staff."
  • "The Measurement and Monitoring Safety framework is a different way of thinking for us," says Shannon Moore, STARS. "It is more than just thinking about past harm. You can use the key dimensions to look at and think about anything to do with safety and quality improvement."