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On October 23, 2018 CPSI launched a new safety improvement project. A learning collaborative approach with expert faculty and mentoring over 18 months. Based upon the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework (2013). This followed on the success of a 12-month demonstration project that was led by Dr. Ross Baker at the University of Toronto. During this collaborative, participating teams were supported in rewiring their thinking on patient safety and worked within their organization to foster and promote a new approach to safety.

"The framework for the Measurement and Monitoring Safety helps people rethink their understanding of safety in their own clinical environment," says Dr. Baker. "What we saw during the demonstration project is that staff were really engaged by this idea that they can have an active role in promoting and maintaining safety."


Read the Evaluation Research of Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework Collaborative report.

Faculty and Project Team 

G. Ross Baker, Ph.D.

G. Ross Baker, Ph.D., is a professor in the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto and Director of the MSc. Program in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety. Ross is co-lead for a large quality improvement-training program in Ontario, IDEAS (Improving and Driving Excellence Across Sectors). Recent research projects include a review and synthesis of evidence on factors linked to high performing healthcare systems, an analysis of why progress on patient safety has been slower than expected and an edited book of case studies on patient engagement strategies.

Dr. Jane Carthey, Ph.D.

Dr. Carthey is a human factors consultant with technical expertise gained from both research and consultancy roles in healthcare, and other industries. Jane's PhD research was carried out in the nuclear industry and she has over twenty years' experience working at both a national and local level in the NHS. 

She has worked as an independent Human Factors and Patient Safety Specialist since 2005 and is co-author of the report, Measurement and Monitoring of Safety (Vincent, Burnett and Carthey, 2013) and author of Taking Further Steps: The How To Guide to Implementing Human Factors in Healthcare (volume 2), (Clinical Human Factors Group, 2013)

She has expertise carrying out governance reviews in healthcare organizations and working with NHS Boards to improve their safety culture. She also has extensive experience working with doctors, nurses, allied healthcare professionals, and executive directors on implementing human factors, being open, incident investigation and improving their approach to Measurement and Monitoring safety.

SSarah Garrettarah Garrett

Sarah is a freelance consultant in leadership, patient safety and quality improvement in the UK.  With a background in healthcare management in the National Health Service, she has spent most of her career working with new approaches to improving quality, safety and patient experience. An experienced facilitator, Sarah has equipped senior leaders and frontline staff in the UK and internationally, with new knowledge and skills for service improvement and innovation. She is co-author of the book, Thinking Differently.

Sarah's work in patient safety includes exploring the use of patient stories in medical education, and the initial testing of Vincent, Burnett and Carthey's framework for the measuring and monitoring of safety on behalf of the Health Foundation. She was faculty for Making Safety Visible, a collaborative involving the Boards of 11 hospitals using the MMS framework to stretch their safety work, and provides consultancy support to the national campaign, Sign up to Safety.

Sarah is an Affiliate of the Advancing Quality Alliance, a Leadership Associate with The King's Fund, and guest faculty for the Washington State Hospital Association's Executive Safety Academy.

Ms. Maryanne D'Arpino, RN, BScN, MScN, CHE

In her senior executive role with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) she leads national and international initiatives with leaders, providers, patients and families to improve the quality and safety of healthcare. This includes leading the CPSI strategy for Safety Improvement, Knowledge Translation, Capability Building, Patient Safety Research, and Indigenous Health Priorities.

Maryanne is pleased to provide the executive leadership on the next evolution of the Safety Improvement Project, Measuring and Monitoring of Patient Safety in Canada.

Ms. Virginia Flintoft, BN MSc,

Virginia is a Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (IHPME) at the University of Toronto where she has worked with Dr. G. Ross Baker since 2002 on a variety of patient safety and quality improvement studies including the Canadian Adverse Event Study. She also works with CPSI as a Senior Project Manager. Prior to joining IHPME Virginia worked in Health Services Research at the Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences since its opening in 1992. Virginia has a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Calgary and a Master of Science in Design, Measurement and Evaluation from McMaster University.

Most recently, Ms. Flintoft led the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Demonstration Project and was a member of the coaching team. She also works with CPSI as the Manager of the Central Measurement Team.

Ms. Anne MacLaurin

Anne is a Patient Safety Improvement Lead for the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. She is responsible for advancing patient safety through supporting national and regional partnerships and coordinating initiatives such as CPSI's infection prevention and control national strategy and its national measurement system; Patient Safety Metrics.

Anne joined CPSI in 2008 as the Project Manager for Safer Healthcare Now! and later, Canada's Hand Hygiene Campaign. She was also a coach of the 2017 MMSF demonstration project

Mr. Wayne Miller

Wayne is a Patient Safety Improvement Lead and he joined CPSI in 2013. He has over 25 years of experience in healthcare and has a Master of Healthcare Administration from University of Colorado and is a Fellow of the Canadian Health Services Foundation EXTRA program. Prior to joining CPSI, he provided leadership in clinical services, executive administration and research at both a hospital and regional health authority. In clinical areas he has lead Mental Health, Seniors Care, and Therapeutic Recreation services. As an executive leader he has had responsibility for Strategic and Operational planning, Quality and Risk Management, Clinical and Applied Health research, and specific Capital Planning projects. He was also a coach of the 2017 MMSF demonstration project, and is the CPSI lead for the Safety Improvement Project, Measuring and Monitoring of Patient Safety in Canada

Mr. Alexandru Titeu

Alexandru is a Research Officer at the Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (IHPME) at the University of Toronto. Since 2008 he has worked for CPSI as a Project Coordinator for Safer Healthcare Now! as technical lead for Patient Safety Metrics supporting healthcare organizations in the collection and analysis of improvement data, and most recently on the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Demonstration Project.