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What is the "Measurement and Monitoring of Safety in Canada SIP Learning Collaborative" (MMS Collaborative)?

The MMS 18-month learning collaborative for healthcare professionals will be based on Charles Vincent, Susan Burnett and Jane Carthey's Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework (2013). The learning collaborative will be hosted in a series of learning sessions and action periods. The learning sessions are best described as both workshops and idea exchange fora, which prepare teams to make changes during the action periods. During action periods participants work in their local areas (i.e. units) to advance the introduction of a new conceptual patient safety model and to develop a more comprehensive view and approach to patient safety. Do not be fooled by the title - this conceptual model involves significantly more than measurement.

What are the benefits of joining the collaborative?

The topics and programs within MMS SIP will allow participants to:

  • Learn to apply the conceptual model of the MMS to develop a more comprehensive approach to patient safety
  • Share learning and network with colleagues from across Canada
  • Work with faculty and coaches to successfully implement the MMS
  • Access, share, and adapt advanced patient safety knowledge, tools, and resources within a learning network
  • Improve your team's approach to patient safety while taking action to deliver safer care.

The principles of the MMS SIP include:

  • Everyone Teaches; Everyone Learns
  • The Model for Improvement is a methodology used to accelerate movement between knowing and doing
  • Learning Knowledge Translation and Implementation Science principles to understand your readiness for change and sustainability
  • Learning sessions are a preparation for the action periods
  • More active participation; More value and better results
  • Monthly reporting and use of data are fundamental to understanding the current state of your safety culture.

Is there a fee to participate in the Safety Improvement Project?

Yes - The Canadian Patient Safety Institute will accept a maximum of 14 pan-Canadian teams. Based on our experience in the Canadian demonstration project we believe it would be most effective for organizations to register two 4-member teams to attend the learning sessions and receive ongoing support from the same collaborative coach. This will enable the two teams to learn and problem-solve together which would ultimately result in sustained improvement, increased capacity within the organization to lead and spread learnings from the collaborative.

Cost of participation per each four-member core team is $20,000 (CAD) and $5,000 for each additional team member attending the Learning Sessions. This includes travel, accommodation, and attendance at the three learning sessions and final symposium in Toronto. Incidentals, ground transportation and meals incurred outside the learning sessions will be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.

For additional information and questions regarding the application process, please contact

Do I have to submit data?

Yes. Measurement is fundamental to understanding if your work is making a difference. For this MMS there will be several reasons to collect data. We will be asking you to share data to help us understand your teams understanding and application of the conceptual model at your site. In addition, we will be working with University of Toronto to evaluate the effectiveness of this approach to safety collaboratives and we will be seeking data to assist with that evaluation. Throughout the sessions a portion of time will be devoted to sharing what you are learning from your measures.

Can I join in once the MMS SIP has started (ie. half way through)?

No. The MMS Collaborative is a closed safety learning collaborative because knowledge is cumulative across the duration of the learning sessions and action periods.

Do the same people need to attend all Learning Sessions?

Yes. The core team need to attend all learning sessions and take responsibility to ensure the work continues during action periods. The coaches and faculty will work closely with the core team to advance the work of the safety collaborative from learning sessions to action periods

What do I need to join the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety SIP Learning Collaborative?

  • Executive Sponsor support
  • A team with previous quality improvement experience and committed to focusing on advancing patient safety
  • Completed Expression of Interest form
  • Internet and phone access
  • Dedicated time and space in your workplace to participate
  • Time to teach the MMS conceptual framework with unit members
  • Time to explore, test, and evaluate ideas for change during action periods.

What is the role of the Executive Sponsor?

At the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, we recognize that support from an Executive Sponsor is key to team's success. An executive sponsor is typically an executive or senior level manager whose role may include:

  • Helping to align the participation in the MMS Collaborative within the organizations strategic and operational objectives
  • Connecting and communicating with appropriate stakeholders
  • Allocation of staff and resources to support the collaborative activities
  • Establishing an accountability mechanism
  • Facilitating the work of the team within the larger organization and particularly seeking opportunities for spread and sustainability of the initiative beyond the 18-month collaborative.
  • Engaging a team leader and core team members and protecting their time required for successful implementation of the conceptual model

Who should join this Safety Improvement Project?

The Measurement and Monitoring of Safety in Canada SIP Learning Collaborative is most applicable to teams that are seeking to introduce a new model for addressing patient safety that will lead to improvements in patient safety and a much stronger prospective approach to safety. Recognizing that the current approach to patient safety is focussed on past harm. With the introduction of this new model, organizations will have the ability to expand their focus in patient safety beyond "Was care safe in the past?". The learning collaborative will equip teams to better answer the questions "Are our clinical systems and processes reliable?", "Is care safe today?", "Will care be safe in the future?", and "Are we responding and improving?"

Who guides the content of this initiative?

The Measurement and Monitoring of Safety in Canada SIP Learning Collaborative will be guided by experienced coaches from the Canadian Patient Safety Institute along with external faculty, including Dr. Ross Baker (University of Toronto) and Dr. Jane Carthey (co-author of the framework). The content is developed based on evidence, best practices, expert opinion and the interaction of participants within the learning collaborative. We learned a great deal during the 12-month demonstration project led by Dr. Ross Baker and his team at the University of Toronto. We have also integrated learnings from the past experiences of teams from England and Scotland along with the feedback from the eight teams that took part in the research project. Although it is a structured process we remain flexible and responsive to our participants. Our primary goal is to work with you to create a safety collaborative that helps you advance patient safety.

Is enrolment limited?

Yes. Enrolment will be limited. We are seeking up to 14 teams, one or two teams from each of 7-9 organizations.

Will the Measurement and Monitoring of Safety in Canada SIP Learning Collaborative be offered in both French and English Languages?

Partially. All printed materials including the Call to Action; Enrolment Package; Registration; and will be available in both French and English.

Want to learn more?

Two information webinars will be held on August 28, 2018 and again on September 5, 2018. These webinars will have the same content and be a great opportunity for your team members to learn more about the learning collaborative and get answers to their questions.

  • Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 1200 ET 
  • Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 1200 ET  

How to apply?

Download the Expression of Interest and complete the application form for the learning collaborative (pages 4-9). The deadline for the application is September 14, 2018

Need additional information?

For additional information about the upcoming collaborative please contact the planning team at