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6/18/2018 6:00 PM Webinar; Learning Series Provider; Leader

Archive: June 19, 2018

Speakers: Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw and Dr. Justin Presseau

This final webinar will emphasise the importance of understanding the problem before brainstorming solutions to better ensure a match between barriers and the solutions. The speakers will present approaches and tools that can be used to link identified barriers/enablers to change strategies best aligned to address them. They will also outline design and measurement approaches for rigorous evaluation of implementation efforts. This final webinar would suit participants keen to consider tools and approaches for selecting specific implementation strategies and options for designing evaluations of implementation patient safety initiatives



Check out some of these additional resources:

  • University of Ottawa: Dr. Ian Graham teaches a graduate level course in Knowledge Translation at the University of Ottawa: EPI 5244 – Special Topics in Epidemiology:  Turning Health Services, Public Health and Policy into Action.

  • The Ottawa Hospital: The hospital offers a three day summer course that delves into behavioural and cognitive theories for Knowledge Translation.

  • The Knowledge Translation Program:  Dr. Sharon Straus leads a team in Toronto offering several Knowledge Translation courses.

  • Dr. Melanie Barwick: Receiving Scientist Knowledge Translation Training  from Dr. Melanie Barwick in Toronto.