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CPSI is pleased to present a comprehensive new report on the integration and impact of the Safety Competencies Framework (SCF) originally launched in 2008 in partnership with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.  The framework has been one of the most downloaded documents on the CPSI website, consistently since its launch.

Almost 10 years after the launch, this report examines the historical background of the SCF while providing a rationale for the development of the competencies, mapping of the competencies to integrate patient safety content in training programs. The report outlines the successes and challenges in the uptake of the competencies and includes a provocative call to action for educators.

Several key findings were determined through interviews done with a select group of stakeholders familiar with the SCF and this feedback provided better understanding of the value of the competencies to organizations and professional bodies.

As we look towards renewing the SCF to address feedback received, it is clear that despite the successes and challenges, we must shift our attention away from the "what" to focus on the "how" of integrating safety competencies in the curricula of health professionals on a more consistent basis.