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Archive: February 21, 2018

Evidence demonstrates that communication is one of the leading contributors to adverse events. Transitions of care epitomize this challenge. Recognizing that what we say is not what others hear, this call will address how to manage that challenge. Additionally, transitions of care are not only about sharing medical knowledge and information, but also about setting out clear management plans including; who will do what by when, clarifying relationship connections, identifying who is taking charge of the patient's care and how, and to whom the patient can reach out for help when the unexpected happens.

Utilizing case studies, examples of specific events and interactivity, this webinar will assist listeners in developing insight into this significant issue and add to their toolbox some tactical and practical approaches to improving patient transitions in care. This call is suited for anyone within healthcare.



Speakers Include:

Dr. Irene McGhee MD, FRCPC

Dr. McGhee is an Associate Professor Anesthesiology, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto. Engagement facilitator for improving patient-provider communication and interprofessional collaboration with the "I START-END" tool and more..



Jordan Andersen, MD, FRCPC, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia