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The Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), through the SHIFT to Safety program, has teamed up with the Canadian Human Factors in Healthcare Network to provide human factors information to healthcare organizations and the professionals who work there to add to their existing knowledge base related to quality and patient safety. 

Many healthcare professionals in Canada have, by now, heard about human factors engineering and psychology from other patient safety activities or venues, including the WHO human factors module and CPSI modules and presentations on human factors.  The network's intent is to provide up to date information about human factors research and trends in Canada and around the world that go beyond the basics.  As technology evolves and changes the way we do work, human factors specialists and researchers can help determine ways to improve the safety of the new ways of working.

Use the links on the right hand side of the page to learn more about the Canadian Human Factors in Healthcare Network, its members and upcoming learning opportunities.

SHIFT to Safety brings you the latest in advancements in human factors in healthcare. Shift your focus to what you do best — improving your practices for the benefit of your patients.

The Canadian Human Factors in Healthcare Network is currently supported by the CPSI and in-kind funding by the member organizations. 

Objective of the Network

  • Provide human factors expertise to healthcare organizations through consultation, knowledge transfer and exchange activities.
  • Promote partnerships between healthcare organizations, industry, and academic institutions to promote the delivery of safer, more effective care to patients.

If you have any questions for the members of the Healthcare Human Factors Network, please email