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Wound Care Distance Consulting - HSO Health Standards Organization, 2009

St. Adolphe Personal Care Home, a rural long-term care home, takes photos of difficult to heal wounds and e-mails them to a consulting dermatologist in the city. With this visual aid, the home's physician receives a more meaningful consult and has been successful in healing advanced ulcers. The consulting dermatologist has endorsed this practice and encourages other rural homes to adopt it.

Pixalere Incision Module, HSO Health Standards Organization, 2010

Wound care is an ongoing, important issue with many home care clients. The efforts and resources provided by the home care staff using the Pixalere system, together with the support and consultation of RNs with specialized training in wound care management, have resulted in the Home Health program providing leading edge care. The ability to track a client's progress through a series of digital photos along with a clinical narrative allows staff to make appropriate and timely changes to care plans, helping to ensure quality patient outcomes.

Wounds Australia

Patient Story (18 Apr 2018)

Pharmacist describes his experience with a long-standing, chronic leg ulcer and eventually receiving a new approach to care that was successful.