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Surgical Instruments Management Program

Hopital Charles LeMoyne, Quebec, 2009

The surgical instruments management program at Hôpital Chalres LeMoyne is effective and provides the highest level of safety. There is a well–established, efficient tracking system. All instruments are identified with a unique number. When trays are prepared, instruments are logged using a scanner system. Trays are then identified with a barcode. During surgery, all instruments and devices are logged in a computer databank referenced to the patient's name. This system makes it possible to identify every instrument used in a specific operation (Hôpital Charles LeMoyne, 2009).

Surgical error inspires doctor to champion the safety of all patients

Peter Pisters, [former] President and CEO of University Health Network also saw himself as the Chief Patient Safety Officer… a duty he takes very seriously, fuelled by the painful memory of a single surgical sponge left behind in one of his patients (CPSI, 2016b)