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Accreditation Canada Standards

Medication Management Standards: Requirements around the safe administration of medications, including staff training, use of alarm systems, methods to prevent medication errors for both staff and clients, and monitoring clients who self-administer medications. Requirements also include content on the safe packaging, labelling, and dispensing of medications.

Transfusion Services Standards: Requirements that the team uses and follows, standard operating procedures (SOPs) for activities including collection, labelling, storing, and transfusion. As well, the standards include requirements to ensure the physical environment and equipment support safe and effective services. The standards also include specific content regarding information to be validated prior to infusion and monitoring of clients for complications during and after infusion.

Cancer Care Standards: Requirements around the safe preparation and administration of systemic therapies including education and training on new medications or regimens, monitoring clients for reactions, care for vascular access devices and infusion sites, and preparing clients for safe home infusion.

Required Organizational Practice

Infusion Pump Safety requires a documented and coordinated approach to infusion pump safety that includes training, evaluation of competence, and a process to report problems with infusion pump use.