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​Even mild anemia leads to impaired functional capacity, physical performance and a reduced quality of life. As anemia worsens, tissue hypoxia and organ dysfunction become apparent (Clevenger et al., 2015). Hemorrhage is understandably alarming to patients and families. Not only may it be life-threatening, it complicates care and prolongs hospitalization.

Patients who experience hemorrhage may require blood transfusions (Spahn, 2010). Risks of blood transfusions include transmission of bacterial or viral infections, febrile transfusion reactions and transfusion-related acute lung injury (Mazer, 2014; Spahn, 2010; Theusinger et al., 2014).

Patient Stories

We are looking for a patient story related to hemorrhage or hemorrhagic anemia associated with a medical or surgical care. If you have one, please share it with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute at