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In 2015, CPSI, the Canadian Home Care Association, and the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement launched an initiative to prevent falls in the home. Organizations providing care in the home were invited to join online virtual meetings with the community of practice and receive individualized coaching and support. Teams from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, St. Elizabeth Health Care, the Canadian Red Cross, VHA Home HealthCare, and Eastern Health participated.

Don't miss the opportunity to be involved in the Wave Two Home Care Safety Improvement Collaborative

  • Address your organizational priority to reduce preventable patient harm in the home
  • Engage your frontline staff in creating, implementing and sustaining change
  • Participate in an approach to make small changes and get big results
  • Involve patients and families in practical improvement initiatives

Call for submissions is now open.

Join home care teams from across Canada to learn and apply improvement methods and address patient safety priorities. Access individualized coaching and recognized experts in improvement science, data and measurement, teamwork and communication and patient safety. Learn more about the Safety Improvement Collaborative.

Download the Backgrounder

Download the Expression of Commitment

Participate in an information webinar on December 6, 2016.

Submissions close on December 20th, 2016.