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Clean hands have never mattered more

Avoid using hot water to rinse your hands.  

After hand washing or hand rubbing, let your hands dry completely before putting on gloves.  

Take care of your hands!  

  • Protective hand lotions and creams should be used at least daily to reduce irritant contact dermatitis  
  • Studies have shown that using hand cream improves the health of hands and has no negative impact on hand hygiene.1 

Staff prone to allergies or adverse reactions should use alternative products  

Do not wear artificial fingernails or extenders in the healthcare setting, particularly when in direct contact with patients  

Keep natural nails short (0.5 cm)  

For more information, go to:  

Updated (2009) WHO guidelines full version

Updated (2009) WHO guidelines summary version

 1 WHO guidelines on hand hygiene in health care (Updated 2009 Version).