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In 2014, a National Patient Safety Consortium, comprised of organizations, patients and family members from across Canada was formed to drive a shared action plan for safer healthcare for Canadians – the Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan. The Consortium Steering Committee governed the collaboration and measurement and evaluation activities was led by the Evaluation Action Team. The Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan included activities in five priority areas:

  1. Medication Safety
  2. Home Care Safety
  3. Infection Prevention and Control
  4. Surgical Care Safety
  5. Patient Safety Education

Leads Groups identified the actions for the priority areas which were completed by the Action Teams. The intended outcome of the Consortium and Action Plan was "safer healthcare in Canada".

Evaluation Approach & Methodology

In February 2017, Vision & Results Inc., a health and social services management consulting firm, was selected through a Request for Proposal process to complete an independent evaluation of the National Patient Safety Consortium and Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan. This evaluation assessed progress against the specified short, medium and long-term outcomes of the Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan, with the recognition that the initiative had been underway for four years since the establishment of the Consortium. Evaluation Action Team:

  • Academy of Canadian Executive Nurses,
  • Alberta Health,
  • Atlantic Health Quality and Patient Safety Collaborative,
  • Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada,
  • Canada Health Infoway,
  • Canadian Association for Drug and Technologies in Health,
  • Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres,
  • Canadian Medical Protective Association,
  • Canadian Nurses Association,
  • Canadian Patient Safety Institute,
  • Canadian Pharmacists Association,
  • Health Canada,
  • Health Quality Ontario,
  • Health Quality Council of Alberta,
  • Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada,
  • Mental Health Commission of Canada,
  • New Brunswick Health Council,
  • Patients for Patient Safety Canada.