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Enhanced Recovery Canada™: Safety Improvement Project – An 18-month learning collaborative

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute launched a Safety Improvement Project focused on surgical best practices for colorectal surgeries in April 2019. Based on evidence-based practices supporting Enhanced Recovery for colorectal surgeries, seven teams from across the country will learn strategies that support better outcomes for surgical patients including: an improved patient experience, reduced length of stay, decreased complication rates and fewer hospital readmissions.

Enhanced Recovery Canada™ has developed evidence based clinical pathways based on an international program called Enhanced Recovery After Surgery; surgical best practices known to help patients receive optimal care. Enhanced Recovery Canada™ has the potential to make a significant impact in surgical safety and ensure that patients receive the right care at the right time.

The participating teams will:

  • Learn to apply the Enhanced Recovery Canada™ evidence-based principles to develop a more comprehensive approach to patient safety.
  • Work with expert faculty and coaches to successfully implement ERC principles for colorectal surgeries.
  • Share learnings and network with colleagues across Canada.
  • Access, share and adapt advanced patient safety knowledge, tools, and resources within a learning network.
  • Improve their team's approach to patient safety while taking action to deliver safer care.

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