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The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) program was launched in 2015 at the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) in Montreal, Quebec. ERAS's mandate is to provide improve quality of care in surgical patients using evidence-based practice, with the goals of reducing length of stay, preventing post-operative complications and enhancing recovery.

The first ERAS pathway launched at the JGH was the colorectal pathway. At the end of 2016, more pathways were introduced, including those for liver resection, pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple), cystectomy, and nephrectomy. In 2017, the pathway for knee and hip arthroplasty was created, and in 2018 the gyne-oncology-specific hysterectomy pathway is in the process of being implemented.

At the JGH we use the Encare© database system to measure the compliance to the ERAS items. These compliance results help us understand where we need to adapt our practice.

Implementing ERAS requires compliance to protocols, as well as the involvement and collaboration of patients and the inter-disciplinary healthcare team. Patient education material is an important part of preoperative counseling and is the starting point for recovery. At the JGH, we have developed multiple patient education booklets, according to each specialty. We are now working on interactive videos to further inform patients about procedures, outcomes and the different ways they can be involved in their own care.

The patient education booklets are available on the MUHC Patient education material website.

Felicia Hua is a nurse clinician working at JGH since June 2014, and completed her Bachelor's in Nursing at McGill University in 2016. Working on her unit (surgical-oncology) gave her new experiences in taking on a leadership role, being a preceptor to nursing students and being a mentor to orient new nurses. Along with gaining knowledge about how to care for diverse and complex caseloads, it also allowed her to play the role of nurse in charge, providing her with exposure to the administration aspect of nursing. All these experiences became assets in her new role of an ERAS Coordinator. She is planning to pursue her education with a master's degree. Nursing education is her preferred subject.

Marc-Andre Reid has been a nurse clinician at JGH since 2016, joining the ERAS team in June 2018. He is currently undertaking a master's degree in nursing at the University of Montréal. Healthcare information technologies and nursing innovation are his preferred subjects. Working in collaboration with all healthcare workers is of prime importance for him, as well as including patient and family input in practice changes.

Contact Information

Felicia Hua, RN, B.Sc.
ERAS nurse coordinator,
514-340-8222 Ext. 21346

Marc-André Reid, RN, M.Sc.(c)
ERAS nurse coordinator,
514-340-8222 Ext. 21346

Dr. Gabriela Ghitulescu
ERAS surgical lead for colorectal