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The Creating a Safe Space Toolkit is intended to support healthcare leaders and policy makers to develop, implement or improve a workplace peer support program for healthcare providers.  It includes tools, resources and templates from organizations across the globe who have successfully implemented their own peer support programs for healthcare providers.  This toolkit was developed in partnership with the Mental Health Commission of Canada.  

To learn more about the importance of peer support for healthcare providers, review the full Creating a Safe Space manuscript.

The Creating a Safe Space Toolkit focus and components

The Creating a Safe Space Toolkit focuses on documents and examples from existing peer support programs for healthcare providers.  Resources are sorted in drop-down menus by category.  Each resource is listed with its source organization, title and a short description. 

The categories include: 

  • Background Provides background context on the importance of psychological health and safety in healthcare and the value of peer support
  • Program description - Overviews of existing peer support programs to be used as examples. 
  • Program development tool – These tools will be helpful during the development of a peer support program including checklists and templates to get started. 
  • Policy document – Sample policy documents from various peer support programs.  
  • Recruitment Role descriptions, documents and templates that will be helpful in recruiting peer supporters for a program. 
  • Training Resources – Documentation from training programs and links to established external training on mental health and peer support for healthcare providers. 
  • Documentation template Templates on documenting interactions between peer supporters and their peer. 
  • Promotional material Examples of brochures and flyers used to promote peer support programs.  
  • Evaluation toolTools to evaluate satisfaction and impact of a peer support program.
  • Testimonial – Videos and podcasts from healthcare providers and patients about the importance of psychological health and safety and peer support. 

CPSI's Creating a Safe Space Toolkit resources are practical tools for developing a peer support program, compiled with input from experts and contributing organizations.  Please use your discretion in selecting which tools are most appropriate for your context.  This toolkit is not a complete inventory of every peer support program/resource available.  It will be updated annually to ensure relevance. We welcome feedback on what is helpful, what can be improved, and content enhancements at

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