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Canadian Quality & Patient Safety Framework for Health Services Why a Framework? 

To truly align Canada's efforts toward better and safer care we must prioritize coordinated action. Collective action across Canadian jurisdictions is needed now more than ever before with the current pandemic. This Framework is the roadmap that can align the country as we work to safely enhance health services. It is already being used in many jurisdictions at different levels.  

Developed with Broad Consultation, Including Patients and Families 

The Framework was developed in consultation with members of the public, health leaders, policy makers, board members, and health teams (including patients and families). The processes also included numerous committee meetings, international and national environmental scans, key stakeholder interviews, a national public consultation, and further targeted consultations with key stakeholder groups.  

This comprehensive approach was prioritized to ensure the Framework package reflects both current and emerging trends and the realities of health systems across Canada, regardless of jurisdiction. The accompanying action guides, resources, and indicators are curated implementation tools to support all stakeholders with using and implementing the Framework package, regardless of their role or care.

Highlights of the Canadian Quality and Patient Safety (CQPS) Framework Evaluation

Everyone in Canada deserves safe, high-quality healthcare where and when they need it. But for a variety of reasons (including age, gender, race/ethnicity, geographic location), not everyone in Canada gets access to this fundamental right to safe care. These considerations prompted the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (now Healthcare Excellence Canada) and Health Standards Organization (HSO) to ask: “how can we focus and align quality and safety improvement throughout the country, regardless of jurisdiction?” 

The Canadian Quality and Patient Safety Framework for Health Services (CQPS) is the first of its kind in Canada and spearheads a coordinated effort to align stakeholders and providers in how they work to provide safe, high-quality care.

Following the implementation phase of the Framework, HSO and HEC facilitated an impact evaluation to understand how well the Framework’s strategies were shared, the short-term impacts of increased awareness around patient safety, and how the Framework resulted in early indications of quality and safety practice changes within the health system. A summary of the evaluation findings can be accessed here.

Read case studies to learn how organizations have been using the framework to improve patient safety in their organizations.

Five Goals for Safe, Quality Care   

Together, we can create positive change by working towards the Framework’s five overarching goals:

Goal 1 | People-Centred Care

People using health services are equal partners in planning, developing, and monitoring care to make sure it meets their needs and to achieve the best outcomes.

Goal 2 | Safe Care

Health services are safe and free from preventable harm.

Goal 3 | Accessible Care

People have timely and equitable access to quality health services.

Goal 4 | Appropriate Care

Care is evidence-based and people-centred.

Goal 5 | Integrated Care

Health services are continuous and well-coordinated, promoting smooth transitions.

For any questions, comments or to share your experience using the Framework, please contact