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Retained Segment of Subdural Drain1810433391/1/2015 7:00:00 AMSurgeryHong KongHong Kong Hospital AuthorityThis alert describes a patient safety incident of retention of a foreign body following a surgical procedure. A patient had an emergency burr hole operation for drainage of subdural haematoma. The subdural drain was removed by a doctor on post operation day 3. A follow up CT brain 4 days later revealed a catheter tip at the frontal area of the patient’s brain. The tip was then removed surgically. The key contributing factors were as follows: 1. Failure to check the integrity of the removed drainage catheter. 2. Lack of awareness of the trapping of the drainage catheter by a skin stitch during insertion. Recommendations to prevent similar patient safety incidents are provided.5/31/2017 7:29:43 PMintervention chirurgicale, trou de trépan, corps étranger laissé dans le corps, intégrité du cathéter